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You are more than aware of the fact that content marketing is a must in today’s competitive business world, no matter what business you are in. However, content marketing calls for content creation. And you just don’t have time for that.

What you do have is a business to run, decisions to make and not enough people on your team to devote the time, resources, skills and talent it calls for to consistently create branded content in your company’s name. This is where Pearl Lemon Content comes in.

When you work with Pearl Lemon Content, you gain immediate access to some of the best content creators in the business, people who are skilled copywriters, editors, graphic designers, social media specialists and more. Just like that, you’ll have a content creation team who will create all the content your marketing strategies call for to succeed. And they’ll do it in your brand’s unique voice,  and to your exacting standards.

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Why Content Marketing Has Become So Important

You may have heard, read or seen a great deal recently about the importance of content marketing to any business. And yet any kind of content creation, whether it is an article, a blog post, an infographic, a white paper, an explainer video or a podcast, takes more than a little time to create.

For a very busy person, one who already seems to have very little time to spare, taking the time out of their busy schedule to create or commission content that promotes their concern can be hard.

However, if you do not have a content creation strategy in place, you are missing out on one of – if not the – most important ways to promote your company, product or idea in the modern, Internet-based world.

Why are Content Creation and Content Marketing So Important?

People from all walks of life today are a savvy lot. Thanks to TV, radio and especially the Internet, they are far better informed than they used to be and a person who is better informed also tends to be less gullible, and a “harder sell”. Trying to sell anything – a product, a service or even just an idea, is more difficult than ever before.

Whatever niche or industry they happen to work in, the very best the salesperson is one who can convince a consumer that they actually need their service or product, or to get ‘a piece’ of their business idea and actually has them asking for it, rather than trying to force it upon them. They actually walk away half believing that purchasing or participating was their idea anyway, not one that someone hard sold to them. And that is just what content marketing can do for you.

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How? Here are just a few of the ways content creation effectively sells your ideas, services and products:

  • Good content is not about selling, so people view it without being on their guard.
  • Good content is informative and helpful, so people feel that they are actually being given something – in this case knowledge or entertainment – free, and not being sold to at all.
  • If the content is informative, enjoyable or even buzzworthy, people naturally want to share it with their friends. This means that, usually via social networks, your messages are delivered to strangers by their trusted peers, not an unknown salesman.
  • Finding that they like your content, people are drawn back to your website to look for more and while they are there many of them will take a look at the rest of your offerings as well.
  • Constantly adding and releasing new content not only has a positive impact on your website’s position in the search engine rankings, it will also help you develop a reputation as an expert in your field, a trusted go to source something that, let’s face it, everyone would love to be.

Content Marketing, Visual Storytelling and Explainer Videos

When many people think about content marketing, they think of blogs and articles first. And for good reason. Such things can be used to do all the things that a good content marketing plan calls for and, when properly optimized, they can provide that all-important SEO boost as well. But a well-rounded content marketing strategy needs to include more than just text based items; you need to go visual as well.

Why Visual Storytelling is So Important These Days

You’ve heard it a million times, a picture is worth a thousand words. As clichéd and played out as that statement is, it is also very true. And if a picture is worth that much, then a visual story is worth even more.

Visual storytelling is becoming very common in the business world as a way to better engage an audience that spends an increasing amount of their time online and living in an increasingly visually based world in general.

Why Use Visual Storytelling for Business?

When most people head online whether they have a purpose in mind for doing so or are simply browsing, they have a tendency to have a very short attention span. They are less inclined to wade their way through long text pieces, and will often skim them for a few seconds at best unless something really, really grabs their attention.

Because of the way the human brain is wired though, images make a much faster impression, and a more long-lasting one, on us. That means that a well-thought-out, nicely designed visual story has a much better chance in some cases of holding someone’s interest than a text piece that covers the same subject matter.

What is a Visual Story?

A visual story can be as simple as a PowerPoint presentation or even a banner ad or told in a slightly more involved way via an infographic or often best of all, a short video known as an explainer video. The common denominator between all of these formats in terms of structure however is that a real story is told. There is a strong ‘script’ great imagery, a traditional story like structure – in that there is a beginning, a middle and an end – that is logical and cohesive.

The best visual stories are short and easy to follow. The real goal is that the story is so interesting to see that the viewer feels the need to do so twice. That is then they begin to share it with others, act on its message and maybe, with a little luck, help it go viral. That’s why an explainer video can be so very effective. What better way to tell a story that engages than via animation?

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The Pearl Lemon Content Difference

As more and more businesses have become aware of the importance of content marketing – and therefore of content creation – more and more companies, agencies and individuals have begun offering their services as content marketers for hire. So why choose Pearl Lemon Content?

The content creators offered for hire by us are our own content creators, the talented creatives we’ve relied on to build the growing number of businesses that fall under the Pearl Lemon Group umbrella.

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At Pearl Lemon Content, we aren’t reselling freelancers’ services the way that the vast majority of our competitors are, we’re lending you the talent we know our own businesses could not do without.

To assemble this team of accomplished content creators, all of whom have years of experience and a long list of verifiable educational and career credentials, we spent a long time searching for the best. We did the hard work involved in finding great content creators so that you don’t have to.

Our content creators are also renowned for their abilities to change their own personal creative style to suit the brand voice of the client they are working for to a T (just ask our current clients how great they are at.)

They take their cues from clients where called upon to, offer their own ideas based on their experience when appropriate and take the time to do the research to ensure the content they create is accurate, appropriate for the audience and fitting for the brand.

The last thing any business brand needs is to ignite a social media firestorm because the content they published in their name offends an audience, is inaccurate, or presents the brand in a less than favorable light.

When you work with Pearl Lemon Content, we take the time to listen to your content needs and ideas, understand your brand voice and then ensure everything we do is in line with the image you need it to present to the world.

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Ready to take your content creation and content marketing efforts to the next level?

Whether you want to boost your current blog, or start a new one, make better use of social media marketing via truly engaging social media assets, educate, inform and/or entertain your target market with high quality video content or do something else entirely, we can help.

Contact Pearl Lemon Content today and let’s talk about just how we can meet your business’ content creation needs on a short term or long term basis.


At Pearl Lemon, you get a one-stop content creation service that provides about every content writing and design service that you could ever need, whether you’re hoping to create content for your company’s website, social media platforms, ecommerce platforms, etc. Here are some of the many services that you’ll get when you partner with Pearl Lemon Content:

  • Content Writing – an experienced content writing team that will write exciting, stand-out content for your website, social media, or shopping platform
  • Design – Pearl Lemon also has a stellar design team that will ensure any content we produce gets a full makeover, drawing new eyes to your business and brand
  • Editing – our team carefully reviews all the content that we produce, but we always include you in on the process to make sure that our content lines up with your company brand.

Call us biassed, but we’ll have to go with Pearl Lemon Content on this one.  

We don’t say that without cause, though. Our team has numerous years of experience creating engaging content for brands all over the globe, and they’re dedicated to delivering you the top-of-the-line content that your brand deserves. All our team is further trained by our founder, Deepak Shukla, who is an industry expert in content marketing and SEO. His guidance ensures that our team of writers and designers not only produce exciting content for your brand, but that their content production process always has your brand’s success in mind. 

If you want to work with a fun, professional, and skilled content team that will put your business ahead of the map, then you need look no further than Pearl Lemon Content. 

Content writing is a lot more involved than you might think. At Pearl Lemon, our writers will write any type of written content that you might see on a website, social media account, or ecommerce platform. They always put their content through a strict creative and marketing process that involves top SEO keywords, concise written communication, and an approachable tone. 

To accomplish this, they first do a lot of deep research on the topic beforehand. For example, if they’re writing content for a hotel site, they’ll start research on the hotel company itself, and then view their competitors’ sites to see how the client company stands out. 

They then create their content, ensuring that it contains top SEO keywords and engaging messages so that our clients’ customers will click and stick around to see what they have to offer.