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Yes, you have a killer website design. No doubt you are using the latest technologies to make your online visitors say “wow”!. But if your web copy isn’t compelling enough or not getting the right traffic to your site, the only business you are accumulating is the “wows.”

Of course, you must have a good-looking website, but to convince people to do business with you requires intelligent moves. The business landscape isn’t what it used to be about a decade ago. 

Many businesses then generated foot traffic–people physically went to their establishments. The ones that got onto the web didn’t face as much competition as many people had not seen the benefits of having a robust online presence. 

Presently, the landscape has changed. Your business needs an online presence to survive, and that’s where SEO copywriting comes in. At Pearl Lemon Content, we create and write SEO-driven copy that is guaranteed to rank well in search engines to increase your website traffic. 

Whether you need blog content or landing pages, we have the expertise to grow your business through organic search. Reach out to us, and let’s discuss the way forward.

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What is SEO Copywriting?

SEO copywriting is the practice of writing web content that appeals to both Google search engine algorithms and online readers. Studies show that almost 30% of global web traffic is generated via online search usage; that’s why businesses hire SEO copywriters to rank highly in the google search results.

However, many businesses don’t have the resources to hire a full-time writer, so they end up outsourcing the services of freelancers. Our freelance SEO copywriters are skilled in writing for diverse industries operating under various niche markets.

Our services will ensure that you see an increase in the quality of traffic coming to your site, generating more leads, increasing conversions, and overall growth of revenue for your company through SEO-focused copy.  

Furthermore, our freelance copywriters know how to strike a balance between writing for your visitors and search engines. We guarantee top-notch quality SEO copy.

How Is SEO Copywriting Different From Normal Copywriting?

Before we get into deep insights, you need to know that search engine algorithms are constantly looking for the best possible content for their users. 

Quality content and relevance are vital when it comes to SEO. Search engines like Google and more crawl millions of pages monthly, and it wouldn’t want to spend a lot of its resources trying to figure out your site content if it is difficult to understand. 

This is where SEO copywriting is of importance. In simple terms, SEO copywriting is focused on search engine-friendly content while serving user intent.

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You create and publish content to keep coming to your website and improve your search engine rankings with normal copywriting. This practice doesn’t necessarily sell; it mainly informs and educates.

SEO copywriting is all about correctly placing your keywords, and they should be able to connect, inform and convince search engine crawlers and human readers. It aims at more than selling. It’s meant to attract targeted search engine traffic so that you can rank favourably. 

In short, SEO copywriting is about creating a copy to “impress the search spiders” and assist them in finding you.

How Will Our Freelance SEO Copywriting Services Help

Whether you are looking for freelance SEO copywriters to create content that ranks highly in the search engines, or you want to develop a content strategy to improve your organic search in the SERPs long term, we are here to help. 

As your freelance SEO Copywriters, we will :

  • Give you SEO consultancy
  • Provide a content-focused SEO audit
  • Conduct essential keyword research
  • Recommend fixes to grow your organic traffic
  • Design a custom-tailored SEO content strategy to grow your business
  • Create and produce research-driven quality web copy

At Pearl Lemon Content, we will keep you up to date with the best SEO practices while writing engaging, keyword-focused content that will ultimately produce results. We will take time to know about your business and produce copy directed towards the most critical information on your web pages.

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SEO Copywriting is Undeniably Important to Your SEO

To drive more visitors to your website and turn browsers into buyers, you need professional SEO copywriting services to help. If you have wondered whether investing in SEO copywriting services is right for you, hopefully, these reasons give you perspective.

Increase your odds of ranking well

Copywriting services can help your web pages rank well in the SERPs. You need to rank if you want to outperform your competitors. 

Our freelance copywriters at Pearl Lemon can help you execute an effective SEO copywriting strategy to show Google that your content is valuable. We will conduct keyword research, understand user intent, and analyze top SERP results to create a copy that ranks well in the SERPs.

Establish Authority

With so many businesses competing for the same audience, it is hard to know which brand to trust. Through SEO copywriting, you can establish authority and increase trust.

SEO copywriting goes beyond keyword stuffing. It’s more about providing valuable and relevant information. Our freelance copywriters know and follow Google E.A.T guidelines as they are a vital factor in helping you establish brand authority.

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Drive more traffic to your site

Another reason why SEO copywriting is crucial is that it helps drive quality traffic to your website. And, increased traffic is the remedy for the success of every online effort. 

Our freelance SEO copywriters will incorporate keywords, backlinking and content promotion to drive traffic to your website, generate leads, and ultimately grow your business.

Turn visitors into customers

The end goal of every business is to make a profit, and to do this; your business needs to do more than just drive traffic and generate leads. These leads have to convert into actual paying customers. Well-written SEO copy can help you achieve these business goals. 

Our freelance copywriters can use persuasive words to push readers to take immediate action.

Our Freelance SEO Copywriter Services

Keyword review

Our freelance SEO copywriters will review your current ranking keywords against your competitor’s sites to help with copy optimization and keyword strategy. All these efforts are aimed at guiding us in producing a Google-friendly SEO copy.

Keyword research

At this point, we research the phrases and keywords for which you want to rank for. We conduct a comprehensive search that shows all possible keywords considered, their competitiveness, and volume.

SEO copy optimization

We then optimize your existing and new copy using selected keywords. Our professional freelance copywriters will expound on topics to give your readers what they want and use the keywords in all the right places. We write copy that keeps your visitors wanting more, making them stay on your site longer, and in turn, you get more SEO traffic.

Backlink building

Backlinks are links from other sites linked to your website. Backlinking is super powerful when it comes to SEO. We can create content that links to other relevant sites and identify potential opportunities for additional links to your site.

Technical Site Audit

Technical elements like crawlability, speed, and responsiveness all impact SEO. The site audit highlights any technical issues that coils affect your SEO. Additionally, our experts will give you recommendations to resolve any issues.

Do You Want The Best Freelance SEO Copywriting Services?

Let Pearl Lemon Content help you. Our diverse team of talented content writers can provide you with exceptional SEO copy that can convert site visitors while satisfying search engine algorithms. 

We guarantee that our SEO copywriting services can increase your site’s ability to rank organically in the search results, increase organic traffic to your site and ultimately convert traffic into revenue. Your growth is our priority, and our team collaborates with you to understand your brand/business and develops content that supersedes your business goals.

And unlike other copywriting services, our SEO copywriting services are tailored to fit your business needs.

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Our extensive research process means we can deliver high-quality content writing services for all businesses in almost any industry and niche market.

If you need content for your website ASAP, but you don’t have the time, skills, or even resources to figure out what to write, we can help you. We can take care of the entire topic selection process, utilizing keyword research to find the appropriate content to rank well and drive targeted traffic.

We recommend you write pages ranging between 500-1000 words to have enough room to craft great topics around your selected topics. Of course, some topics may require more words to fully dissect the idea, while others need to be brief.

Articles are assigned based on the availability of the writers and expertise on your topics. But, if you like the work delivered by a specific team member, let us know, and we will match you up for your future projects.

  • Take into account the type of content you’re producing. Naturally use keywords.
  • Choose keywords that are appropriate for your target audience.
  • Write for Featured Snippets.
  • Optimize headers and images help to break up the content.
  • Include value-added internal links.

Are you ready for new website content?

Feel free to contact us today and tell us more about your SEO content project.