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Get Your Customers At First Glance With Eye-Catching Product Descriptions From Our Copywriters

Selling products and services online isn’t that easy. Businesses, retailers, and manufacturers have to constantly grab their audience’s attention if they want to make it to their shopping carts.

Besides other factors, writing product descriptions that are compelling, persuasive, informative, and accurate is the key to increasing conversions and, ultimately, sales. 

Professionally written product descriptions have the power to convert visitors into buyers and give information about a product’s features and critical benefits so consumers can make informed choices before buying.

At Pearl Lemon Content, our product description copywriting services are aimed at helping you increase sales. 

Our copywriters can design SEO-friendly, custom-tailored innovative product descriptions with your audience in mind to help your eCommerce brand. 

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About Product Description Copywriting

Without persuasive product descriptions, you can’t sell. When crafted well, they can bridge the distance between your physical store and your customer’s house. 

Of course, the product or service will not get through to them immediately, but product descriptions answer buyers’ questions even before they ask.

When customers see what they stand to gain from your products and services, they have a reason to pay well for it, keeping your business thriving.

Our product description copywriting process brings product-related facts and highlights your USPs to give your customers value. We can create well-written descriptions that deliver a better user experience and increase conversion rates based on extensive research. 

Our writers understand that copywriting for product pages requires complete knowledge of your industry and SEO best practices, so we offer you streamlined copywriting solutions to scale your campaigns. 

Furthermore, for every project, we deliver services outlining your brand voice. Our goal is to create the best product descriptions for your business needs.

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What Do Our Product Description Services Offer You

You can interact with your target audience and communicate the right message to them through the product description. Product descriptions that cover all the essential details resonate with your audiences and push them towards making the final decision–Purchasing.

Our product description copywriters can:

  • Create descriptions that sell. We emphasise writing copies that connect with your ideal buyer, highlight the most important product features, and put a spotlight on your products & services while ensuring engagement. Our copywriters are proficient enough to deliver content that builds trust and boosts conversion but, most importantly, content that represents your brand identity.
  • Deliver Unique content. For us, every page means potential business. When you entrust our product description copywriters with your project, we can deliver genuine, unique, and persuasive descriptions. We ensure that the content is informative, accurate, engaging, and SEO-friendly for both the search engines and your audience.
  • Help you build social authority. Providing a good customer experience to your consumers gets them talking about you. This is why we focus on your product description as an opportunity to build your brand story. Its basic knowledge, a satisfied customer is a returning customer. Better, they might refer your business to other people, increasing the quality of traffic coming to your site, and that is what we want for you.
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Features Offered By Our eCommerce Product Description Copywriters

  • Focus on Key-Phrases
  • Audience-specific copywriting 
  • Regular updates
  • Timely updates
  • Description editing and enhancement
  • Proofreading
  • Original and Unique content
  • Call to actions

Benefits Of Product Description Copywriting Services

Undoubtedly, creative and compelling product descriptions grab buyers’ attention and ultimately close sales. If you are still in doubt, look at some of these benefits.

Product description guides consumers

Indeed, you have heard of the saying, “education is the key to success.” That same notion rings true in the eCommerce world. An online business that educates the most wins. Descriptions give vital information to consumers about the products they are browsing.

To ensure sales, your products on your online store must have clear, detailed, and informative product descriptions that answer all the consumers’ questions before making the final purchase. Our copywriters are here to help you with that.

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Build trust with your shoppers

If a shopper reads your service & product descriptions and is fully satisfied, they start to believe that the specific product is the best option. 

Many people make buying decisions based on trust. It’s easy to purchase from a person you trust. People will purchase when they trust your brand based on your product descriptions.

Make your online store look professional

People would want to do business with professional businesses. To be the best seller of your product, provide better and more creative product description copies. 

People who click on your site want to know what you are doing. Beyond having a superb website design and professional product pictures, you must provide grammar-free and engaging descriptions that convince your customers that you are professional.

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Stand out among your competitors

The truth is, you are not the only retailer or business selling online, so to stand out, you must have superior product descriptions. You need excellent pictures and compelling descriptions to make your products stand out. Better yet, customise your descriptions to meet their unique needs.

Increase conversion rates

Incorporating your customer reviews in your product descriptions will increase your sales and overrun your competitors. The reason why customers believe in you is that you provide them with excellent information.

Re-examine your product descriptions every now and then to include features and benefits that meet your ideal customer’s buying needs. 

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Arouse buyer’s emotions

You should know that people buy feelings and emotions. The words and pictures help to drive buyers’ emotions. Customers can relate to product descriptions, stir them to add to the cart and make a purchase. 

Good production descriptions are satisfactory, leaving no room for doubt in the consumer’s mind. Using sensory, call-to-action words, and so forth can arouse buyer emotions. 

Help Google know what your products are all about

Do you want to increase organic traffic and online sales without breaking the bank? Take advantage of Google. Detailed product descriptions help Google what your products on your site are all about. 

And if Google finds your products relevant, it will rank them highly, making it easy for them to find you when they make a search query in the search bar.

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Get Started With The Pearl Lemon Creative

Our product description copywriters are vetted to ensure they are eligible to work on your content projects and deliver excellent results. Your assigned copywriters are skilled in meeting the requirements of your business goals. 

They specialise in niches from almost every industry, so matter your business, we guarantee to meet your content creation needs.

And unlike other copywriting services, our product description copywriting services are tailored to fit your business needs.

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Our copywriting services are designed to get the detailed product descriptions you need. We will work with you to understand what you are all about. While you know your business best, we understand what you need to get your eCommerce business seen.


Absolutely. Our writers know the importance of SEO when writing your product descriptions. We incorporate keywords, interlinking strategies, and other SEO best practices into your product descriptions.

We deliver product descriptions in several formats, including HTML, PDF, Microsoft Word, etc.

Yes, we do. Please give us your product image, name, and URL. We will get started from there.

We give you options to customise your plan depending on your requirements, like the number of product descriptions, word length, or other services. But, our pricing plan is flexible with monthly, hourly, and contractual plans.