Pearl Lemon Content


Why Us

Pearl Lemon Content was created by our group of expert content writers. Originally a stand alone service provided by our SEO agency, Pearl Lemon Content formed as we built an entire team of writers and began having more and more enquiries for just expertly curated content.

Well written content is at the heart of your website’s SEO and overall online presence. Whether it is guest posts, web content or content for social media, it needs to be well written and provide value to your audience.


We don’t create just good content. We create great (award winning) content specifically designed to improve your website’s traffic and give your audience some added value to the services you offer.

With a foundation in SEO, our bespoke content writing services are designed to drive traffic to your site and improve your overall conversions.

Celeste inspired the idea of Pearl Lemon Content as the current the Head of Content to our writers.She will manage all the pieces of content your company needs and you can expect every piece to be sent before deadlines, pending your approval, to make sure it is up to your expectations.